What part of copyRIGHTS you don’t get?

This week was hard, I can’t deny that.

As an author, you usually live in your own fantasy universe, protected by your characters and behind the walls of the worlds you create. So what happens when real life catches up with you? Sometimes is great, sometimes disappointing.

Again, this week was hard.

Thanks to a very dear friend of mine, I realized that one of my books, “The Dimension of the Black Onyx, The Connection”, was being published WORD FOR WORD on a free App under a different title (and just changing the characters’ names) by a so-called fan, it had over 10,000 followers and more than 30,000 reads. No wonder why people don’t buy books anymore.

Thankfully, the fans were incredibly supportive and helped me expose this and get it offline, but there were other people who didn’t believe this was a real crime and accuse me of overreacting.

“No one is starving due to this,” was a man’s justification to something illegal done by a minor. I beg to differ.

Even when people might not believe this, not all of us writers are J.K. Rowling, and we actually DO support ourselves with our books and their sales: we pay rent, we pay taxes, we pay for gas and utilities, we buy groceries, we help our families. So maybe I’m not starving, but this is not a hobby, it is actually MY JOB. So why is it less important than what others do?

And I know I’m not alone in here. A lot of people fight for their dreams, they struggle and work and invest time and money and effort into accomplishing their goals. How would they feel if someone take their achievements and pass them as their own? I’m guessing not good.

I know that my job might only be words, but they matter, they should be respected. Mine and everybody else’s. I guess that’s all I’m asking for: respect. We all deserve it.

Un comentario en “What part of copyRIGHTS you don’t get?

  1. ¿Sabes que es lo que yo siento que es lo peor de todo Adri? Que un MENOR fue quien hizo esto, cuando en las escuelas (quiero pensar que todas lo hacen), se nos enseña que el plagio, en mayor o menor medida es un DELITO. Es triste que una persona que debe saber la magnitud de lo que hizo (lo cual es INJUSTIFICABLE) y que es menor de edad cometa este tipo de actos delictivos que mucha gente ignorante cree que no tiene alguna importancia, e incluso, apoya este tipo de acciones. ¿Que no se les enseña ética a los jóvenes en la escuela para que hagan este tipo de cosas? Pero bueno, solo es una opinión, al menos tienes a gente que te quiere y siempre te apoyará con este tipo de situaciones. Mis mejores deseos para ti, Adri.

    Me gusta


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